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My name is Abdulhaqq Sulaiman™.

I’m Nigeria’s Millennial Lean Enterprise Adept, Brand and Web Veteran.
I’m not Uber Rich and I don’t run a Hedge Fund (yet!).

What I do have is a passion for helping others with their personal and business branding. I have been building accessible websites and applications since 2006, and I thoroughly enjoy it!

I get excitement from playing the game--not coaching from the sideline.
for a good cause!


My Diary of experience and opinions.


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Port Harcourt, RV.


  • “ It's all in the idea! ”

    I see you're interested in exploring more of me.
    In 2005, I surfed the net for every resource I could find on web development in order to better myself and got acquainted with most programming languages. Fast forward to a few years later, I am now a brand manager, web designer, author, and a human resource advisor.
    I consider my self to be self-taught as most of my web design and programming skills were born off web experiments and surfing.

    In 2012, I had a taste of the 9-5 job and didn't have the urge to further renew my work contract in 2013; as I didn't have the opportunity of being an INTRApreneur. Hence my Bachelors Degree got docked.
    In 2014, I decided to stick to being an Innovative and Disruptive Entrepreneur, hence promoting the brand - Snazzee Interactive Company [SIC].

    2015 has been quite fruitful. I was amazed by how different my assumptions tended to be from the reality of what customers want after Trevor Owens intoduced me to Lean Startup.
    Presently, helping individuals understand the entrepreneurial process has become a hubby of mine. Most of my time today is spent practicing what I preach.

    This past months, I have used Lean methods to release my first successful web and mobile product: textboot. It uses one of the simplest methods to reach your target audience in record time through an Entreprise Bulk SMS Platform.

    If you've explored me this far, I really appreciate you coming to my site. You can learn more about my work by visiting my Briefcase and feel free to engage with me on Twitter.
    For my "official" conference bio, Go Here.

  • Why .XYZ?

    To me, it makes sense. .xyz is a bold, fresh choice for users who crave creativity and versality in a domain name. It's short and memorable without the limitations of a label or language barrier - so you can focus on connecting your audience anywhere in the world.

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